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The Right Private School For My Children

If you travel a lot like I do you will at some point become concerned how your frequent absences might influence your children. On the one hand you want all the best for them but then what can you do if your job requires to be out of town rather frequently?

The Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire

Some Impressions Of The Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire

We talked that over with my family not too long ago.

Barney, Suzy and their two children were present as well and this is when the topic of private schools came up.

The two have a similar schedule and for that reason signed up their children with a rather posh private school here in the United Kingdom.

I was wary at first so I immediately asked their children how they like to be away from home and how they in general like that they visit a prep school and not one of the public schools.

I was surprised because the children started to talk excitedly about the many cool things they did in their school. The told me about their classes and how they really liked some teachers and they way they help them with some of the more difficult classes such as Math or Chemistry.

And they couldn’t stop talking about their recent trips they took, one was a trip to Northern France and the other to London where they visited for a play.

Jimmy immediately talked to our son Andrew that he should definitely come because Andrew could be a good add-on for their soccer team.

To make a long story short, what I first expected to end in a disaster with my children crying at the notion to go to a private school they got very excited and literally begged me that wanted to go as well!

So this issue was settled before it even came up. We didn’t need to do any big research about this particular prep school because we knew already most we wanted to know from Barney and Suzy. But of course we still called the Kingshottschool for an appointment and then of course all the formalities.

Next week we will all take a visit so we can get a close look at this school for ourselves. Among the private schools Hertfordshire I think this is an excellent choice for our children!