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A Wine Tasting Holiday

wine-holidays-with camperA “Wine Tasting Holiday” can be the perfect thing for anyone who likes to combine their passion for wine with their next holiday travels!

Basically, what you do is that you plan an exciting tour where you can visit and see see the world’s most renowned wineries and other great landmarks along your route.

This is a fantastic way to travel for any wine lover and I recommend it in particular when you want to go to Spain, France or Italy.

Here is a good link to get you started:

It has important website addresses and phone numbers for you if you want to make such a tour in Spain. In my opinion, the best way to go about it is if you hire a camper van. With a camper van you can see more places than with any other way to travel.

A camper will also provide you with the choices that you can simply stay in your camper for the time being, say if you plan only to stay at a particular location for a short time or if there is no lodging nearby.

If you travel some places, such as in Southern France, some areas can be pretty expensive. You may end up spending a lot of money and then you might possibly only see one or two wineries. On the other hand, if you want to save some money you can also look into camping rather than booking into an expensive hotel. If you rent a camper, you can go anywhere anytime, which is just perfect if you want to see a lot of wineries and other cool places!

Seeing the Singing Waiters in the UK

The United Kingdom can be a great travel destination. How about enjoying the country’s beautiful beaches in the summertime when you visit any of the gorgeous coastal towns in the nation’s South West? Or what about the plethora of historic sights and landmarks that you can find all over the United Kingdom?

If exploring history or lounging at the beach is not your thing and you are more the party type you could try do discover some of the U.K.’s musical talent in British cities such as London, Birmingham or Exeter.

singing waiters – LondonIf you’re fortunate enough to get invited to a big party or a wedding reception, chances are might sooner or later meet The Singing Waiters.

The singing waiters are among the nation’s most popular surprise entertainers and today there is hardly a major event without them. Pretty much any host that wants to make an impression on their guests knows about how great surprise entertainment can be as opposed to the usual type of musical entertainment.

The Singing Waiters are particular popular because they can provide professional first class entertainment, no matter what musical style and no matter what type of event.

Some folks book the singing waiters simply for casual musical entertainment where anyone will without question have a lot of fun. But then there are also numerous businesses and companies in the UK which the singing waiters for their corporate events.  In summer, there are countless barbecues and picnics and this is where the singing waiters are usually not far away.

With their professional training, coming from the most renowned British music and dance schools, the singing waiters are also the best performers for really classy events.

So, if you happen to be in the United Kingdom you should take this opportunity to see the Singing Waiters when you can. Take my word, it will be an experience that you won’t get any time soon!

The Best Travel Destinations For Wine Lovers

The Wine Enthusiast has a great list up with the best holiday destinations for those of us who love wine.

Among their listed fantastic wine destinations are the Aegean Islands in Greece, Valle De Guadalupe in Mexico, Texas Hill Country USA and Mendoza in Argentina.

But there are more great travel destinations and some of them may well be secrets among wine enthusiasts. So check the list out if you’re looking for some great places to go to sample the best wines on this planet!